To Dream or Not to Dream

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I finally had the chance to see Inception last night.  I had heard it was a very good movie, but I can’t say I was prepared for the twist and turns.  Inception is a real mind bender.  My brain was a exhausted by the time it was over.  A day later and I am still contemplating the concepts introduced in this movie.  The movie explores the manipulation of the human mind through dream invasion technology.  In the movie this technology is used to plant ideas into ones mind by invading several levels of conciousness during the dream state.   This movie really caused me to consider how we arrive at certain ideas and conclusions.  How much of what we believe about ourselves and our world view is the result of certain ideas being introduced to us over and over again until they become a part of the deepest level of our subconcious.  Further, once and idea is introduced at this level what must be done to change it.  Leonardo Di Caprio’s character in the movie stated that an idea could be mored dangerous than a virus.  So true, a bad idea can take hold and spread like wildfire, creating confusion, fear and hate.  By the same token, a positive idea can bring about a benefit people and improve the environment.   Today, I challenge my negative thoughts and replace them with new ideas that lead to a more meaningful, healthful and happy life.  I make a committment to  letting my thoughts and actions reflect the change I want to see in the world.


The Inevitabilty of Change

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If there is one thing I have learned, change is a necessary constant in life.  Change is not always timely or convenient, but nonetheless necessary to our growth as human beings.  We can except change willingly or go kicking and screaming, but change is persistent and never fully forgets it’s purpose.  Change may rest on the back burner of our lives, but is opportunistic.  It waits for the perfect moment to impart itself on the predictability of our lives.  Sometimes improving our situation drastically, at other times capulting us out of our comfort zone.  No matter what the situation, if we look beyond the physical ramifications of change to us or our environment, we might see it’s intrinsic value.   Today, I embrace change and look forward to the opportunities and growth that may result.  What’s changing in your life?  What are the possibilities?

Hello world!

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